• Personalized Eat Right for Life nutrition & lifestyle guide
  • Up to four custom workouts designed to fit your schedule, goals, and available equipment
  • Videos demonstrating each workout (not a full workout video, just an overview of each move)
  • 1.5 hours of video or phone nutrition and lifestyle counseling sessions which include meal planning, goal setting, and work on all of the pieces of your wellness puzzle
  • A 5-week, daily journal (also a coloring book!) to keep track of what you're going to eat, activity, gratitude, mood, sleep, and MORE!
  • A Your Wellness Puzzle water bottle

Your Puzzle Box!

  • Your puzzle box cannont be returned or exchanged. All sales are final. Effort will be made to satisfy any unhappy customer by providing additional guidance, video or phone chats, or emails with more resources and information. Virtual counseling does not work for everyone and, like all lifestyle programs, what a client gets out of the information and the process is relative to the effort he/she applies to his/her program.