Personalized nutrition plans based on YOUR current health, long-term goals, family health history, and daily symptoms.
Learn how to use FOOD to FIGHT disease from a Certified Holistic Nutritionist and Nutritional Therapist through the Eat Right for Life nutrition program!
Learn how to live an active lifestyle designed around YOUR daily schedule.
A NETA Certified Personal Trainer will help you create a workout schedule or customized workouts to fit your ability, equipment access, and fitness goals.
Your mind can be a powerful tool or a debilitating obstacle. You will learn exercises and be provided with tools to help you learn how to use your personality strengths to build a healthy, happy life. 

Who do you have lifting you up and encouraging you on your wellness journey? Having the support and encouragement for in-person nutrition counseling and personal training can make a huge difference in your attitude and your progress!

Your Wellness Puzzle

There are many dimensions to wellness, which go beyond just eating right and being active. Wellness is a puzzle and getting all of the pieces to fit together can be an arduous task for many people – especially as life continues to change around you over time. Continuously adapting to maintain a healthy lifestyle takes dedication, support and a plan. The programs and services at Your Wellness Puzzle, LLC are designed to help you put the pieces of your own personal wellness puzzle together as well as provide you with the tools and education you will need to stay on track for life.


Your Wellness Puzzle is comprised of four pieces – Nutrition, Activity, Mindset and Support. An individual cannot achieve optimal wellness and happiness without ALL FOUR of these puzzle pieces connected and in harmony. 

nutritional therapy

No diets.

No gimmicks.

Just food.


The Eat Right for Life program is built into an educational workbook and personal journal, designed to help you put together the missing pieces of your wellness puzzle.  

There are many ways to make Eat Right for Life work for YOUR puzzle:

  • A Self-Paced Online Course

  • Hard-Copy and Electronic Books

  • In-Person Nutrition Counseling Sessions

  • Virtual Counseling Sessions via Phone or Video Chat 

personal training

Simple movements.​

Small Spaces.

Minimal Equipment.

The purpose of this fitness program is to educate and inspire people to enhance overall well-being through movement and ignite joy through exercise - whether you want to work out at home, or at a gym - it doesn't have to take much time or space to get moving!

This may fit into YOUR puzzle as:

  • Personalized workouts designed just for you, your abilities and your goals

  • One-on-One, Couples or Small Group personal training sessions

  • An optional nutrition/fitness combination program

  • Online Videos & Virtual Classes for all levels of ability 

I'm a certified Nutritional Therapist, Holistic Nutritionist, Personal Trainer and the creator of Your Wellness Puzzle! I designed the Eat Right for Life and 4X6 Fitness programs based on my own personal experience as a business owner, mom, and athlete. I understand demanding schedules and the challenges that come along with balancing work, life and family. It's my goal to help you figure out how to build a healthy, happy lifestyle. 
OXO Emily

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