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Eat Right for Life

No diets. No gimmicks. Just food.

Eat Right for Life is an educational resource written by a certified holistic nutritionist and nutritional therapist AND a 5-week journal, designed to help you put together the missing pieces of your wellness puzzle.


Your nutrition guidebook will come to you personalized (there is a health assessment survey to get started) and uses your family health history, pre-existing health conditions, and daily health symptoms to identify nutrient gaps in your present daily food intake.


The Eat Right for Life Program is designed to teach you the different foods to work into your meals and snacks to help fill those nutrient gaps and help you work towards optimal health and wellness.


To get started (or to get help deciding if Eat Right for Life fits YOUR wellness puzzle) schedule your FREE CONSULTATION by phone or in-person.

Program Layout

Your program is designed to fit YOUR life.

A typical nutritional therapy program (in-person OR virtual) includes SIX sessions over TWO MONTHS to allow your body and lifestyle time to change.


Your schedule may resemble the following:

  • Week One (1 hour) - Initial Appointment, Receive Personalized Nutrition Plan & Journal

  • Week Two (1 hour) - Follow-Up Session to ensure everything is going well. Active lifestyle discussed in more detail with a plan made.

  • Weeks Three through Eight (30-minutes) - Follow-Up Sessions weekly, then bi-weekly for eight weeks (six total sessions)

Each session includes meal planning as well as discussion and planning for all of the pieces of your wellness puzzle.