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nutritional counseling services

Your Wellness Puzzle, LLC and The Chiropractic Health Center have teamed up to provide a new nutritional counseling service for Dr. Birchler's clients! Clients can register for the program and schedule nutrition sessions right at the reception desk. 

Trish (Ambridge, PA)

I always was afraid to talk to a nutritionist about my diet. Many will tell you to find the time to plan for the whole week, and they give you very restrictive diets. Emily worked within my time constraints to start solving my menu planning issues. She is amazing!

Patrick (New Galilee, PA)

Emily is great at what she does. Not only is she super knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition, she is also very passionate as well. She gives her all for everyone she works with and truly cares about their results. She has helped me personally with running; she designed a plan for me for a couple different races and helped me run more efficiently. If you are struggling with any aspect of fitness, running, or nutrition I highly recommend reaching out to her. It'll be worth your time and money.

Chelsea (Pittsburgh, PA)

Emily is the best. She genuinely cares about clients and their well-being. She understands that life happens and works with you to find a routine that enhances your everyday lifestyle for the better and takes your specific needs into account. Her guidance and positive reinforcement are invaluable.

Keri (Beaver, PA)

Emily made me feel very comfortable. Keeping track of my eating habits was embarrassing for me because I knew I didn't eat healthy but Emily never judged me or made me feel bad about my diet. She set me on he right track without any judgment and helped me achieve my goals. I already recommended her services to several friends of mine. My experience with her and her service was great, there isn't another nutritionist I would want with me on my path to wellness than her!

meet emily

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what is nutritional therapy?

Nutritional Therapy is the application of nutrition science (called epigenetics) through individually formulated nutrition and lifestyle changes. The program uses a health symptom and health history assessment process to identify imbalances in body chemistry and nutritional gaps. Dieticians and Nutritionists (registered) focus on the cause and treatment of diseases - where a Nutritional Therapist can help minimize existing health symptoms and educate you on how to use food to fight disease. 


NOTE: Nutritional Therapists DO NOT diagnose or treat disease - the personalized nutrition plans are NOT meant to replace previously prescribed medical treatment.


Nutritional Therapists can work with healthy individuals in order to prevent disease, or with someone who isn't well, to help ease and minimize symptoms of a developed disease. The individualized plan includes focussing on nutrition, activity, and mindset to help control a person's whole environment.


Epigenetics affects how genes are read by cells, and how they produce proteins - it is the study of the biological mechanisms that will turn genes ON or OFF (to feed to fight diseases).  Your gene activity is changed by daily nutrition, emotional status, daily activity level, inner thoughts and perceptions, and physical environment. 


Emily M. Tiberio at Your Wellness Puzzle is a Certified Nutritional Therapist, Certified Holistic Nutritionist and NETA Certified Personal Trainer. 

eat right for life

No diets.

No magic.

Just food.


Eat Right for Life is an educational resource and personal journal, designed to help you put together the missing pieces of your wellness puzzle (nutrition, activity, mindset, and support). Your workbook comes to you personalized (there is a health assessment survey to get started) and uses your family health history, pre-existing health conditions, and daily health symptoms to identify nutrient gaps in your present daily food intake. The education is designed to teach you the different foods to work into your meals and snacks to help fill those nutrient gaps and help you work towards optimal health and wellness.


Eat Right for Life was created to help people develop a healthy relationship with food, to help eliminate the need or desire for dieting and diet crazes, and to optimize health without stress or strict restrictions. Learning how to eat the foods you love, AND learning how to love healthy food, without having to be "on the wagon" or "off the wagon", or "having a cheat meal" is sustainable for the long haul.  


Simple and sustainable...for Life! 

get started right

The Nutritional Counseling sessions are personalized and the program is completely customized to fit your health goals and lifestyle. 


A typical client schedule follows an eight-week counseling program and includes SIX SESSIONS:

  • WEEKLY sessions for the FIRST MONTH
  • (Week One) 60-MINUTE GET STARTED RIGHT SESSION with a personalized EAT RIGHT FOR LIFE workbook and daily journal - An educational session to gain an understanding of your nutrient needs and how to achieve your health goals using each piece of your wellness puzzle (nutrition, activity, mindset, and support). 
  • (Week Two) 60-MINUTE Meal Planning, lifestyle and habit changes and more specific goal setting 
  • (Weeks Three & Four) 30-MINUTE Follow-Up Sessions, including Meal Planning and Goal Setting
  • (Weeks Six & Eight) 30-MINUTE follow-up sessions in the SECOND MONTH


If you want support beyond a two month period, you can purchase 30 or 60-MINUTE counseling sessions as follow-ups at any time!

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Contact Emily...

Phone: (724) 318-2122

Office Location:

Above Vic's Pizza Oven. Use green staircase in front of Beaver Bagel courtyard to the second-floor office suite.

210 Bridge Street, Suite B

Bridgewater, PA 15009