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So thankful for Emily! She's a great friend, but she's knowledgeable about her profession. So she speaks to me in terms I can understand but in a very helpful and encouraging way. Her knowledge, resourcefulness, willingness to stick by you even when it's tough, and friendly manner made her nutritional advice even more powerful of my life.

Amanda (Baden, PA)

Sept. 2017

If you are the spouse/partner/companion/significant other of someone that wants to do this program and they want you to participate too with them, this review (1) is for you. If you have already active and have lost a good amount of weight, but have plateaued this review (2) is for you.

1. My girlfriend met Emily and learned about her nutritional therapy program. My girlfriend was extremely excited to start. It was suggested to her that for the best results your spouse/significant other should participate as well, especially if you live together. This is where I come in. I agreed to participate, even though I am naturally a skeptic when it comes to crash/fad diets. I went into the program with an open mind, but honestly I was expecting to be told about whatever the most recent fad diet of the month (Whole 30, Atkins, Low carb, gluten free, etc.). Emily's nutritional therapy program is not this at all. She had us fill out forms and questionnaires to access our nutritional status. She taught me about tracking my food, eating the right foods, and portion control. Her program is based on solid nutrition and medical science. I did not seek out the nutritional therapy program, nor did I believe that I needed it. Now I recommend it to everyone I talk to. I weighed about 195 pounds when I started the program. Under Emily's guidance, I tracked my food, watched by daily caloric intake, ate the right combination of Fats, Carbs, and protein, and exercised. I did cheat on Friday and Saturday nights, but I did not go overboard. Overall, I lost 22 pounds over 1 year on this program and have kept it off. I still track my food everyday, exercise, and make smart choices most of the time. If you are curious about the program yourself, I encourage you to sign up. If your spouse/partner/companion/significant other wants you to participate with them, I encourage you to sign up together. It will bring you closer and hopefully improve your health so that you can live longer lives together.

2. If you have already lost weight, but have plateaued, this part of the review is for you. A year before I met Emily, I had gained a lot of weight over the years. I was working long hours, eating fast food most nights, and not exercising. I made the choice to start exercising again, cooking dinner every night, and only drinking alcohol and eating out on Friday and Saturday nights. I weighed about 225 pounds when I made the change. I ended up training for and completing the Pittsburgh Marathon in 2016. I had dropped from 225 in July 2015 to 195 pounds in May 2016. I felt very accomplished, but I could not seem to get my weigh below 195 lbs even with continued exercise and what I thought was an excellent diet. June 2016 is when my girlfriend asked me to attend Emily's nutritional therapy program. As is written above, I was skeptical, especially since I had lost a good amount of weight on my own already. I had been tracking my weight weekly since June of 2015, it is still remarkable to me how two weeks after starting to follow Emily's advice, I can see the weight make a slow and steady decline. I lost an additional 22 pounds while following her advice. I was able to run faster and broke my 5K personal records. I know that when I decide to tackle another marathon, my time will improve. This program can help even fit and active people.

Overall advice.
1. Sign up and complete Emily's program
2. Sign up and complete Emily's program
3. It is not a quick fix, making better choices with your nutrition will help you lose weight over the long term. I have gone up and down with my weekly weigh ins, but the overall trend at the end of the year was down.
4. If you are tracking your food, be honest. Emily will not judge you at all. She will help identify patterns and habits that lead to poor choices. Being honest also will help you see if you are going over your personal calorie intake goal in a day. 
5. If there is something you like to eat, Emily can help you work it into your diet.
6. Sign up and complete Emily's program

Mike (Pittsburgh, PA)

Sept. 2017